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ReadAir (First post in English)

I know that you must be used to read news in this blog written in Spanish, but from now on some of  them will also be in English.

Since i’m not a native english speaker, you may find some errors in my grammar, feedback will be really apreciated. Back to the post:

Today i was using TweetDeck (on Adobe Air) to tweet about some of the news that i was reading on Google Reader through Firefox, and i said to myself: Wouldn’t it be cool to have another Adobe Air application to read my Google Reader’s feed?. That’s when i found about ReadAir, this cool app that allows you to read your Google Reader’s feeds on Linux (1), Windows or Mac.

The application it’s still on beta, but it’s really eye-candyish and it works fine.

In the Read Air’s webpage (a Google Code one) you will find the .air file in the Download section, who it can be easilly installed through the Adobe AIR’s application installer.

(1) On the webpage it says that this application it’s only available for Windows and Mac, but since Adobe Air it’s multi-platform it should run on Linux too (I’ve tryied it on Ubuntu and it works fine)